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Palestinian Statehood Question at U.N.

During the past several weeks, I have received several resources concerning the Palestinian Bid for Statehood at the United Nations (UN) that I would like to share with you.  Some of you will have received these from other sources—if you have, you can delete this.  If you have not seen some of these resources, I hope some of these resources can be helpful as you think about what is about to take place at the UN at the end of this week.  

By no stretch of the imagination is this an exhaustive list of resources on this topic.  I am sure many of you could add to the compilation of resources below.  

As always, when I share articles, statements, videos, etc., with you, they are not shared to promote a certain position, but to provide information and enrich dialogue and debate on the issues as hand.    
I hope you will find some of these resources helpful.  
I have divided the items below into three categories:

1. Resources
2. Statements received from various groups
3. Articles of information and analysis
4. Action Alert

1. Resources

A resource prepared by the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva

A video featuring Huwaida Arraf, a lawyer who taught at Al-Quds University, works with the Free Gaza Movement, and was a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement.  


A Q&A (Question and Answer) from Al-Haq

2. Statements received from organizations

Quaker organizations  http://fcnl.org/issues/middle_east/joint_quaker_statement_on_palestinian_un_bid/

Coalition of Women for Peace – September 18

Sabeel Statement

Bethlehem Bible College

Sabeel Statment #2

3. Articles











Read Press Release: Model UN in Ramallah

Read Interview with Jordan's King Abdullah by Jay Solomon

Read  Sad and Happy by Uri Avnery

Read  Netanyahu Confronts the New Middle East by John Esposito

Read A Funeral for the Two-State Solution by Ali Abunimah

Read  Press Release: Model UN in Ramallah Postponed

4. Action Alerts

Letter to President Barak Obama

Kathy Bergen
Program Coordinator
Friends International Center in Ramallah

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