An Extensive Guide on Matters Family dentistry

Family dentistry is a practice that is meant to cater to the oral health of individuals at every stage of life. The practice offers extensive and comprehensive dental services to people of all ages. The main distinction between general dentistry and family dentistry is that family dentists are qualified to treat infants, toddlers, and children, unlike general dentists. Therefore, this ensures that families don’t have to consult multiple practices to take care of their oral health needs dentist Mission

Dental Services Available 

Family dentists offer some of the most comprehensive dental services owing to the unique needs and ages of individuals in a family. The services can range from preventive dentistry, orthodontia, cosmetic dentistry, and oral hygiene services. Some general services available in family dentistry include: 

– Regular bi-annual teeth cleaning and exam. 

– Cavity assessment and fillings.  

– Flouride treatments.  

– Dental sealants.  

– Treatment of gum disease. 

Benefits of family dentistry 

1. Consistency in dental services 

Most dental practices offer full services thereby eliminating the likelihood of family members visiting multiple specialists for different needs. 

2. Cost-effectiveness 

It is cheaper to use one practice for all your family’s dental needs than it is for each individual to go to different specialists. Additionally, having one dental practice for your family promotes regular checkups, making it easier to catch underlying issues before they escalate. Preventive procedures and monitoring conducted during regular dental visits reduces risk of dental diseases.  

3. Instills a culture of good dental hygiene in children 

Parents demonstrate the importance of oral hygeine to their children by not only accompanying them to their checkups, but also undergoing dental checkups themselves. Children are also advised by family dentists on how to care of their teeth. This builds oral hygeine routines that last throughout the child’s life. 

4. Convenience 

Family dentists are qualified, have experience in, and understand the dental needs of people of all ages. Additionally, family dentistry practices offer comprehensive oral healthcare services. This is convenient for consumers who can get all their dental needs serviced under one roof. 

5. Consolidates your family’s dental records 

Dental records for all your family members are maintained by one practice. Since family dental practices offer services for patients of all ages, your family members can be treated at the same practice throughout their lives. 

Guidelines for selecting a family dental practice 

1. Pay attention to your family’s needs 

It is important that you lay out the different current and future dental needs of all your family members. This is so that your search is targeted towards practices that offer services that are a priority for you.  

2. Clearly define qualities of your preffered oral healthcare provider 

A few qualities to look out for include: 

• Education : family dentists should have adequate education and professional qualifications and demonstrate ongoing learning and awareness on the trends in the industry.  

• Price : take into account the variation in costs of general procedures at different practices. Also take note if they offer cheaper alternatives to expensive procedures. 

• Rapport : is important since ideally family dental practices engage clients long-term. 

3. Solicit refferals from friends and conduct online search to help you get a better picture of the practices on your radar. 

4. You can also schedule visits to family dental practises to get more information before making a final decision.  

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